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I am of those who likes to write down everything
I remember that when I started my working life had numbered books where he wrote visits to meetings in which participated, the agreements that were made, and gets 50 books of 100 pages each.
12 years ago, a person said that in a meeting held by me, had agreed the purchase of 10 computers to an NGO with my company investment funds. At that time it was not used Evernote, but my books I saved to demonstrate that neither was in the minutes of the meeting or the person who it had said, had been present.
I am not using books, nor memory flash or hard drive, everything I have in the cloud. “And as a telecommunications service job say customer…”do not tell me, writes …” because is where yesterday said say , tomorrow will tell Diego.
Today I have two accounts from Evernote , both accounts are free ,
I have a  traffic information of 60 MB in 30 days, to an email address to write down my notes directly in that mailbox.
I use for ten reasons :
(1) make much use of the screenshot.
(2) I may publish directly to facebook and twitter.
3)allows me to have all my information in one place, stored by books, categorized by tags and access easy
(4) I can send my notes by email.
(5) I have desktop application for Windows and Mac and OS phones as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
(6) I can send a copy of my post, budgets, commercial offers and sending a copy to the address and email that provides me with Evernote is published as a note more.
(7) I can count words and images for the post of wordpress make them less than 300 words
(8) lets me you record audio notes and handwritten notes
(9) I may print directly
(10) I can see the percentage of available space
These are the 15 reasons why Evernote asked use Evernote, I already told mine 10