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There is much competition in the market of mobile United States: VZW, AT & T, T-MOBILE, SPRINT NEXTEL are only the most important. 

The competition is in coverage, the speed of the network, smart phones, tablets, the ipad, applications, features such as a video download speeds, photos, watch videos, play games in the play station.

Verizon Wireless, a joint venture with more than 100 million customers have 4 G in more than 300 cities of United States. 

To demonstrate your coverage and speed has a simulator download that to me is very instructive. 

It is very practice this simulation as in it, you can see quite clearly as: 

1. you can see the videos,

2. low songs of 5 MB each. It is extremely strong.

3. low files and photos of 1 MB each.

4. playing online games.

The next is after this tells you that you have 4 G devices and terminals. Show you that it is more quick and gives you the means. 

Devices that give you the power to do more: smart phones, Tablets, band connections broadband mobile and iPad. 

It makes you a demo of a video chat on a mechanic to demonstrate that good coverage mobile, in a place far from any network of antennas can do things as a video call. 

To plot this makes the following video:

A guy is with his girlfriend, and in the middle of the field, your car is damaged. Take the phone and call the mechanic who tells you what to do: move the hose, remove the air filter. Once you have done close the hood and tells the bride that the problem this solved and continues his journey.