A professional and small business has more than 40 GB of storage space available in the cloud.

I am only going to refer to 10 applications: SkyDrive, Google Drive, CloudOn, Zoho Docs, SugarSync, HiDrive, Box, Dropbox, Cloudme, Ubuntuone.

What interests them to self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and employees of small companies is: create documents on the web or on the desktop without paying the € 411 for Office 2010 that Movistar offers you, either for writing text (word), to make a table with formulas and graphs (excel), to present slides (PowerPoint)

Another thing that interested is that the application to multiple devices: NetBook PC, Mac; Tablets and iPads; Smartphone.

The 40 GB can be 58 GB if you have a hotmail account for more than 2 years.

Also interested in that can upload photos, video, Pdf, music, documents.

The interaction between multiple platforms such as CloudOn, who works with Dropbox and Google Drive, Box is useful.

If you want to create documents you SkyDrive cloud and CloudOn as Office 2010, Google Drive and ZohoDocs.

If you want to have multiple applications: email, CRM, team sites have to Zoho.

The other than you want to be is that have mobile App . It is easy, if you have Samsung Galaxy SII and iPhone4S Will be better than if you have a Blackberry9900 or a Nokia Lumia 800 .

In short , you will receive offers from companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, IBM, Acens, Apple, Arsys, and Zyncro.
Excited you have corporate mail, video conferencing, storage, but you can expect to improve times because space for storage, offers and free features have to choose.