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Telescoriza Mobile is an idea, a concept of how to work the market Telephony Distribution.

It begins in the positioning of the brand, that the difference in an environment, prostituted by bad business practice.

Telescoriza Mobile is the result type each patient and Implementation wish to address the new trade the experience for the first stage exceeding smoothly.

There will always be services that fail, do not get mobile coverage, billing errors, but the point is in the idea of ​​change

Today there is no market, as a rule, except what I told a friend of Zaragoza a distributor that has a uniform system of work.

Today raw spontaneity, improvisation, solving the immediate problem.

Distributors do not think they work well to achieve exceed 2012, and I witnessed one that failed to exceed 2010.

I did not have an organization chart, or write your goals, nor had the Board of Directors meetings or agreements were made.

Each Head of Sales Team had their own way of selecting the staff, to train the new commercial, sales aisitir to newcomers.

Each department was a stronghold, where they placed anarchism rules.

There were no procedures or training plans, policies or coding. Give a phone or a free weekend is not to have policies to stimulate So are some of Telephony Distributors in Spain. We do not want to be so. Of the customer complains because she says they have deceived, which have sold a mobile phones where there is even coverage without having installed a repeater, who complain that they were given a modem where there is no data coverage, which not taken into account that the fixed line had its characteristics, because it was an email, IP address, a POS terminal, a line in an elevator, a fax and when they do, some of the services ceased to function. Customer complains about billing, customer care service, and reacts against operators, distributors and marketers in the same way

Today I have enough money to start a business, to hold a structure with a telemarketing department, a sales team, a technical services to the sale, a PTs and Logistics, a loyalty and Development Area, a Department of HR and Economics, to hire the services of an installer.

Today I am alone with my 4-year expriencia with my Certification in North Castellana, I bet because an idea succeed in the Accredited Distributor Vodafone, to give my time in 3 projects: the first collaboration and communication, the second Corporate Identity and the third in the Blog web 2.0, social networking.I must be honest, not a company Telescoriza is only a Trade Certificate you want to do things better, someone with shame and with sincerity, and patience to fight for the idea that you create, that is to rescue the best of telephony services .

Men go into two camps, I heard someone say to appreciate: those who love and founded and those who hate and apart. Telescoriza want to be among those who founded and above all a new way of selling telephony is none other than provide professionals, small and medium-sized technology companies.

No matter what the outcome, but he founded a company, write a book, that is my commitment to those who have not missed the preparation and initial advice on all commercial all this activity should have.